Who am I?

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 “I always thought storytelling was like juggling […] You keep a lot of different tales in the air, and juggle them up and down, and if you’re good you don’t drop any.”  Salman Rushdie


Who am I? Find out who you are and what aspects of English you enjoy.  There’s a bit of everything, including drama, debating, performance poetry and creative writing.  This is a course for students who enjoy getting stuck in and aren’t afraid to try something new.  We will play with words, exploring where and why they fit in the places they do and experimenting with how different word selections can change the meaning of an entire piece.

My Line of Inquiry is unique to my style of teaching and has been devised with the London Nautical School KS3 framework in mind, and a clear focus on trying to incorporate activities that will celebrate the school’s centenary year.  The scheme has been created drawing on my passions and love of English, combined with my own judgement as a teacher about how 12 year old boys learn.

As always, I invite any feedback about how the course can be refined to suit the needs of my students.

Fair winds and following Seas!


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