Spring Term

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Make mistakes.  Surprise ourselves.  Try anything else.  Fail.  Fail better.  And succeed in ways we never would have imagined a year or a week ago.
Neil Gaiman

Main Project: Text Transformation – Creative Writing
We will look critically at the medium of picturebooks and comics to explore the structure of stories and various sequences of narrative.  We will explore a range of comics including Calvin & Hobbes, Bunny Vs Monkey,Usagi Yojimbo and Adventure Time.  We will develop our understanding of character, structure and the polysemic nature of the medium.  After scripting and creating our own comics, we will transform them into creative writing pieces.

Assessment Focus:
Writing to describe
Reading to deduce, infer and analyse
Storyboarding, drafting, filming and editing
Script writing

usagibwThinking Focus and Extension:
Ambiguity How can we read images?  How can the juxtaposition of images help to show a storyline and create character?  What is the relationship between words and images?  How is meaning conveyed through composition and representation?

Informal debate what is the nature of comics?  Can comics be considered as art or literature? Are comics sexist?

Text transformation how might the multimodality of texts shape meanings?

Choice there will be a variety of tasks available with varying levels of challenge that students will complete and submit as part of a long term independent study.

Allegory how have characters been invented as a metaphor for those who are oppressed?

Language and Character:
How does language impact our interpretation of a text?  How can picture books and comics still explore metaphors?  You will analyse the significance of shot, structure and sentence structures for effect.

Turn a scene from your favourite book into a two page spread of a comic book;
Create your own 3-4 page comic with a clear beginning, middle and end.
Create your own comic book characters complete with back stories;
You may choose to research non-mainstream comics and explore how these may engage their audiences.

Through allegory, we will explore interviews with comic creators that explore the authorial intent behind the creation of characters.  You will explore extracts from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

Speaking & Listening:
Prepare a 10 minute lesson that helps to make a key aspect of image analysis clear to the class;
Present a comic to the class and analyse it’s effectiveness using criteria and a glossary discussed in lessons.

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